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Featured Stallion- Invest In Rodeo
Articles from the may not be republished without permission.
Posted on December 3, 2007   Midwest Stallion Directory

Invest In Rodeo

15.2 hh 1995 AQHA/APHA Perlino Stallion
Nickname: Boogie Man
Owned By:
Robin Forest Mitchell, Equine Color Specialties
Standing at: Equine Color Specialties- Crosby, TX
Stud Fee: $850
Sire Record:  Reserve World Champion Palomino Halter Filly, World Champion Palomino Youth Geldings, Top Ten Palomino World Show in Steer Stopping, Half-Arabian Regional Champion Halter, Half-Arabian Top Ten U.S. National Junior Western Pleasure

Invest In Rodeo was bred by his current owner, Robin Forest Mitchell, of Equine Color Specialties in Crosby, Texas.  Sired by First Lein (an own son of The Investor) and out of Sheza Ballerina Doll, a mare that was the cornerstone of Equine Color Specialties, Invest In Rodeo was sure to impress- and impress he did.  From the moment the stud colt hit the ground, his unusual color, chocolate mane and tail,  and blue eyes made him stand out from other horses.  His unique coloring even became the source of his unusual nickname when the wife of a friend commented that he reminded her of the Boogie Man.

Foaled at a time when Perlino was not considered a recognized color by the American Quarter Horse Association, registering the young colt became a battle.  Since the color was not allowed by AQHA, the colt was registered with the American Paint Horse Association.  After teaming up with Sharon Mathews, an Arabian horse breeder, Invest In Rodeo was promoted for four years to breeders of Half-Arabians who were looking to foal Arabians with stunning colors.  Invest In Rodeo's Half-Arabian get have been very successful in the show ring, earning Top Ten placings at the U.S. National as well as Regional Championships.

In 2000, Robin Mitchell Forrest, along with three other women, lead the effort to gain AQHA approval to register Quarter Horses displaying the Perlino and Cremello color.  The effort to gain approval was not an easy one.  The AQHA committee was concerned over alleged health and eye problems of Cremellos and Perlinos.  In 2000, the Cremello and Perlino Educational Association (CPEA) was created to  provide educational information about Cremellos and Perlinos.  Additionally, research was conducted to clear the Cremello and Perlino reputation of their stereotypical health problems.  Vindicated of any unusual health issues, Perlinos and Cremellos were welcomed to register with AQHA in 2003.

Invest In Rodeo's foals are eligible for registry in the American Quarter Horse Association and the American Paint Horse Association.  All foals out of Bay or Chestnut mares will be eligible for registry with the Buckskin or Palomino registries, respectively.  Owner, Robin cites that Invest In Rodeo is more gentle than the typical stallion.  He has a very smooth way of moving and is well muscled.  Invest In Rodeo is an all-around stallion and would make an excellent cross for breeders who are looking to be competitive in AQHA's new Performance Halter class.  In 2008, Equine Color Specialties will breed Invest In Rodeo to their broodmare band which consists entirely of mares sired by World Champions.  The 1995 Perlino stallion will also stand to the public.



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Posted on December 3, 2007   Midwest Stallion Directory
Articles from the may not be republished without permission.


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