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North East Iowa Saddle Club Association Stallion Service Auction List
Received from the North East Iowa Saddle Club Association
Posted on Jan. 7, 2008   NEISCA

NEISCA Announces Stallion Service Auction Unsold List

2008 NEISCA Futurity Unsold Stallion List
Stud fees available at listed price, this is 60% of the normal stud fee
Futurity held September 1st 2008 National Cattle Congress Grounds Waterloo IA
Call Vicki Bond at 563-245-3026 or Terry Barth at 563-382-4159 to buy
Check us out at

Coolest Star-$180
Mr Mason Bonanza-$180
Invest In An Impulse-$240
Maxs Flash-$120
Got Real Painted Up-$240
Dirty Mac Zero-$240
Hotrodder Five-$300
RPS Golden Bar-$400
Obvious First Clue-$300
Troublesome Tim_$300
Scenic Zipaloot-$240
Patsy Roping Chute-$150
Intimidating Te-$480
Too Cool Dude-$240
Reddy To Passeum Up-$180
HH Cashelito Jet-$180
Te Eyed Rhett Buck-$210
Docs Double Cowboy-$180
Jokers Bright Cougar-$180
Oh Can I Please-$540
Playgirls Gold Chip-$240
Excell Edition-$150
Kashmir Chocolate-$300
Never Too Cool-$240
Jokers Bright Cougar-$180
Odysseys Kinda Flashy-$90
Fantasticmodel Vee-$180
And The Oscar Goes To-$240
Kids Stoner-$180
RB Special Son-$240
Show Me The Poisen-$180
Lenas Lightening Bug-$180
Sierras Obviousstar-$180
Sir Majic Bonanza-$450
Too Black Two B Dirty-$300
Will Spot The Target-$300
Sir Beau Bonanza Two-$180
Plenty Of Good Mac-$300
BR Gorgeous George-$360
Gotcha Sonita Doc-$300
Diaman H Risks QT Bar-$210
Shy But Whatever-$150
QTS Lucky San Man-$300
Rolexs Sparklin Pine-$360
Get Radical-$300
Im Obviously Easy-$150
Singers Conclusion-$150
Justa Nasty Habit-$240
Mr Golden Bonanza-$240
Seek A Connection-$240
Mr Cool Romans Top-$180
The Coolest Of All-$300
Skipa Splash-$360
Phenominal Cowboy-$240
Tardees Mr Skip-$390
Doubley Magic-$300
Three Gold Bars Of Sugar-$300
Tufa Mary's Royal Revelations-$150
Beau Dandy Burs-$300
Zippo For The Chocolate-$240
Zippo Scotty-$300
Rock Four-$360
Mr Fancy Executive-$390
Red Sunny Bonanza-$390
Zippa Real Light Lee-$180
Peponitas Royal Pep-$150
Mr Smooth Top-$150
Noble Cool-$300
One Touch-$450
King Doc Olena $240
A White Knight-$450

Come join us on Labor Day for the entire weekend 3 full days of shows with the NEISCA Club. Saturday and Sunday will be the Iowa Classic Classes and Monday will finish up with the fastest growing Futurity in Iowa. Please join us at the:
NEISCA Futurity.

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Posted on Jan. 7, 2008   NEISCA
Received from the North East Iowa Saddle Club Association






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