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Blue Eyed Horse Association February News
Received from the Blue Eyed Horse Association
Posted on Feb. 25, 2008   Blue Eyed Horse Association

Blue Eyed Horse Association February News

Dear Members, Friends, Family and Potential Members!

The Blue Eyed Horse Association is excited to see Spring on the horizon! As many of you have been suffering the continued BLUE WINTER--it is now the final call for the WINTER BLUES FUN PHOTO CONTEST--spreading some cheer as we send winter of 2007/2008 packing!!!! As for the last 2 years, this year's categories include:

--WOW (pics that make you go WOW)
--Funny (pics that make you laugh)
--FAMILY (reg.BEHA horse with other family members, i.e. dogs, cats, horses, people, kids)
--ADORABLE (generally just AWWE pictures--i.e. kitty hugs on the BEHA horse's leg, bear hugs from the kids, baby pics.?? USE YOUR IMAGINATION!)
--BEP (Blue Eyed Pet of Reg.BEHA horses--i.e. cats/dogs/ ?? with blue eyes).

Please send us your entry to (please note that is NOT this address)--along with your horse's registered BEHA name, your name, WHAT CATEGORY you are entering and any caption or info you want included! This contest is FREE FOR UP TO FOUR PHOTOS WITH MEMBERSHIP OR RENEWAL! Additional photos can be entered for $5 each. This is LAST CALL--entries must be received by FRIDAY FEB 28, 2008 by 5pm Mountain Time.

STALLIONS!!!! FINAL CALL FOR BIDS--the 2nd Annual BEHA stallion service auction is quickly approaching the final date on it!! BIDS will be accepted until March 11,2008. There are some outstanding Blue-eyed and non blue-eyed stallions on this auction! All stallions are by members of the Blue Eyed Horse Association. This fund raiser is raising funds for the continued growth of the BEHA!

WELCOME: NEW MEMBERS ---special welcome to our newest member from GERMANY with their awesome Deutsches Partbred Shetland Pony Stallion! This is a new an exciting year for the BEHA as they continue to grow by leaps and bounds! We want to be sure to ring in the great new additions of 2008 with special incentives!!

FREE REGISTRATION FOR A LIMITED TIME FOR BEHA FOALS!!!!!!!!! So hurry and get those registrations sent in.

The 2008 meeting of the Board of Directors included discussions regarding visiting any one Expo during the year of 2008. It was decided that, due to increase in costs, that the Nebraska Horse Expo would not be attended this year. It was voted that the the Black Hills Horse Expo would be up for consideration. It was voted to be placed to the general membership for consideration in Horse Expos.

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST TO THE BEHA--if you would like to represent the Blue Eyed Horse Association at a horse related Expo--please email us with details of the event, including date(s), location(s), and your proposal to make this happen. Are you willing to participate at a booth full time. Are you willing to assume the costs of the event with the BEHA providing you handouts and banners? The BEHA will only represent 1 horse event at a time. They will be reviewed and considered by the BOARD. All fees were voted to remain the same for 2008 with promotions periodically. The meeting was then called to close. If you have any questions or otherwise, please be sure to contact us ASAP!

REMEMBER---review the Stallion Auction and get those Winter Blues Entries in!! RENEWALS for 2008 are discounted $2 if done within 10 days of this email. PROMO CODE 2008ebs

SPECIAL PRAYERS: BEHA Member's husband in dire need of prayers. Please see for benefit and information.

Thank you!

The Blue Eyed Horse Association


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Posted on Feb.25, 2008   Blue Eyed Horse Association
Received from the Blue Eyed Horse Association


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